19 May 2016

Frozen Abyssal's

After an office rearrange and upgrade, my man cave is looking sweet and working really well. I purchased a new desk, monitor stand and a new chair. The new computer desk raises up and down and after 12 hard long years my creaky old office chair needed replacing. Man have I noticed the difference what a nice chair does for ones mood. And being able to stand from time to time at the desk is awesome, my back is much happier, and painting for longer is way nicer.

 Having acquired the Mega army box of Abyssal’s for my birthday earlier this month I found myself moving though the assembly of the horde of plastic mini’s. Even busted out the air brush for base colours. I'm going for a Frozen Ice theme.

I worked out a basic list based off what’s in the box, and I can make 2000 point list. Add in a few other models from my Chaos army like my hounds and I could easily reach 3000 points. So the value for money is definitely there.

After my initial grumbling about the stances of some of the models, I’ve gone and got some new plastic cement that seems to be working better. The main issue is that 3 out of the 5 stances of the Succubus are running poses and only have one…small foot on the ground. So they are a pain in the butt to base  (Yeah … I’ve taken my concreate pill now, 5 done and 35 more to go.)

So this is what I’ve done so far. ( a few snaps from the mobile phone)

A small alteration to one of the Morloch's

Also going to use the GW Dark Elves Kharibdrass (Hydra) as the Abyssal Chroneas

I also found some nice wound/nerve markers which I’m eagely waiting for. Got them from http://www.counterattackbases.co.uk/
They should work nicly for a few different games. I got the ones that go from 1 to 15.

(Photo from there web site)