09 May 2016

Soooo many models.

So my birthday rolled around again on the weekend and one or two toys turned up in the subsequent loot. Thought I best do a post since its been awhile. With winter closing in, gaming and modeling is replacing my photography buzz that I've been on. Several games of Kings of War at the club and at Mark's has got my fingers twitching again for rolling dice and painting.

 First up was the Kings of War Mega Force for the Abyssal's. Had my eye on this for quite awhile, and they had only just arrived into stock. The clincher for getting it was when I dropped into a games store to pickup some more glue and having a browse around the shop as you do, pulled out a nice big Demon box from GW off the shelf ... $200 for one big Demon ... it's a really nice model ...hmmm or..160 plus models for the same price, which is an entire army for Kings of War. No Brainer.

Then on Sunday while gaming around at Marks, the boys had got me a present. An awesome one at that, they gave me the Dark Elves Kharibdrass (Hydra)

So of course I just had to put the big boy together,,,(yes its a boy, cos its butt ugly ... no way you can call it a girl...LOL)  Decided that I'm going to do me Abyssal army with an Ice Winter theme and also paint the Hyrda up in the same theme.

Putting it together was pretty simple, one of the things GW still does really well is the instructions with the larger models, (shame about the price of there stuff) also decided not to cram the two beast masters onto the same base. That way the Hydra would sit nicely in the middle of the base with less overhang , which makes for nice gaming when units get base to base in combat. I've put on some cut up cork for ice crystals, green stuff a few cracks and he's ready for under coating.

Also finished putting together the 10 gargoyles from the Abyssal force. These are the "Res-Tastic" stuff, kinda plastic and resin. Haven't had many models made of this stuff. Not that nice to clean up, but it's probably just a skill I need to pickup.

My lovely wife also order me a nice headphone holder, but since it's coming in from overseas, it hadn't arrived, so she got a bottle of Tequila as a stand in ... oh bugger, I'll just have to wait.

Warlord Games ... Bless them (or curse them) ..haven't decided that one .. :-) sent me a £10.00 discount coupon, which of course I couldn't resist, so I ordered  the "Beyond the Gates of Antares Rulebook". Since I have all their other games, and love them all, why not add one more.

Now back to the task of cutting, cleaning and gluing all those models...and my Union troops for ACW.

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