28 May 2013



Well on Sunday we rocked out another 4 way game of Wild West. This time with my Apache’s fully painted. Mark’s used a gang of the mighty four, Doc Holiday and the Earps. (Truly nasty) Phil used his list of Outlaws proxying in the Mexicans models for the moment, while Will used his newly acquired Lawmen.

Wild-West-009 Wild-West-010 Wild-West-011 Wild-West-012

I started well, right up to the point when I started shooting. Those dice god’s are just evil, not to mention having to roll 5 or 6 just to be able to shoot at some of the Earps.

Wild-West-013 Wild-West-014

Mark’s buildings are really starting to look the part now, every week we turn up they are getting better and better.

Wild-West-015 Wild-West-016 Wild-West-017Wild-West-018  Wild-West-020 Wild-West-022

So after getting massacred in the crossfire, mainly by the Earps I was the first to head for the hill after a good old fashion and true butt whipp’in.

Wild-West-023 Wild-West-024 Wild-West-025 Wild-West-026

After lunch we rolled out a 400 point game of Dust Warfare. That was a repeat of the mornings dice rolling. A.K.A. 18 dice, needing 5 or 6’s….first roll I get one hit.. Woohoo….armor saved of course. But on the bright side I did get to use my Red Guard for the first time. I made a few mammoth mistakes and forgot a few kinda important rules, but that happens when you play so many games.

Dust WarfareDust Warfare  Dust WarfareDust Warfare  

With Battlefront taking on the distribution, no doubt Dust will see a rise in game time

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