14 May 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Truly Ugly Dice

With winter fast approaching the club hall was rather cool on Saturday for our monthly meet, next month it’s going to a damn freezer in there. It’s been a month since I last played a game of FOG, how time fly's. So my Egyptians made it to the table again, a little worst for wear thanks to a small accident with them meeting the floor from table height, with only one major casualty. And that sums up the game rather well. An accident for every Egyptian on the table. Mike’s shooting dice were on fire and mine were average. But when you consistently roll 2’s and 3’s for cohesion checks things go bad fast as I found out. So I received a complete ass whipping.


Then with all of Marks Wild West buildings out on the table we rolled out a 4 gang showdown. I used my new Black Scorpion Apache models (only got them at the beginning of the week so manages to get a couple almost finished). The new resin that they are producing at Black Scorpion is awesome, the mould's are just superb, no bubbles at all.


Anyway, the game was a riot, 4 gang’s, – Mexicans, Apache’s, Out Law’s and Law men. Chaos and carnage rained as my Apache’s took a pounding and headed for the hill’s first followed by the Mexicans. Leaving the Outlaws and Lawmen to fight it out, which lead to the Law deciding the town wasn’t worth saving and leaving it lawlessness.


It was a fantastic game, with all the new terrain, the barrels and toff's that Mark has it really adds to the game. We even started using a few house rules, keeping track of the bullets in a six gun and making them reload. Which worked really well. Can’t wait for this weekend.

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