01 May 2013

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

So I’m finally getting around to my starting my Gangsters. After playing Legends of the Wild West lately and loving it, the guys are keen to use the conversion rules and play some 1920/30’s Gangster and Mob wars.  I’ve gone and ordered some Sarissa-precision buildings which I’ll be able to use for lots of other games as well. I managed to pickup some 1/43 scale Matchbox cars for really cheap, so I was stoked when I got them and the scale is pretty spot on.

WIP -  Mob WarsWIP -  Mob Wars

While I wait for the buildings to arrive, I started testing out making some roads on a few bits of old mdf. So far so good, my masking wasn't the best on the first run, so it’s need a touch up, need to use stronger masking tape on the MDF compared to model plastic. Overall I think my general idea will work, just need to see how I get on with the sidewalks and the printed cobblestone work. Watered down PVA should do the trick then a spray matt varnish. Also really looking forward to seeing the Mob War models from Brigade games, first time I’ve ordered anything from them.. …so many games…so many models … so much painting… life must be good.