08 January 2016

Rendra ramshackle barn and Sarissa Factory - WIP

My terrain building has been going well over the past few weeks. I’ve been working on the Sarissa Factory over the past few days, in between finishing off the Rendra ramshackle barn.
The barn was actually very easy to put together and I enjoyed painting it. Now finished its ready for the gaming table.

For the Sarissa factory I had an old plastic diffuser from a florescent light fitting which was broken in the last work office fit out. I had grabbed it and was expecting to use it for some photography lighting, but the moment I saw the roof on the factory I knew I had to use it for the windows.
After a few attempts to cut the plastic using various tools and failing.  I ended up using my dermal and a cutting wheel which worked sweet. So here’s a quick snap or two the progress so far. I put in a few Japanese Bolt Action models for scale.

It should look awesome once I get it finished.

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