14 January 2016

The Factory Build

Some more pictures of my factory build in progress.I managed to get it all together after a few issues.The problems I had were caused by me undercoating the parts before putting them together. This caused them to swell a bit with the summer humidity and since they were a tight fit to start, this caused me issues. I ended up breaking a couple of pins that held the wheels on the crane.  Dremel to the rescue and a bit of copper wire and all sorted.

I'm really not impressed with the cardboard inserts for the windows and doors. The windows aren't an issue really, but the doors... freak-in useless. It's my only real grip with this building. It's the first time I've had a building with the cardboard insert details. The doors are so flimsy and easy to break off, they wont last long in the heat of battle that's for sure. I would have been happy to pay a little more to have the wooden doors. But overall I'm stoked with the building, its turning out better than I was expecting and it will work with several games I play.

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