03 January 2016

The new year's resolution

The new year’s resolution… keeping it simple … have fun, enjoy life while I can.

So with that in mind we got to play our first games of Steam Punk Rally yesterday afternoon. Having a read of the rules and watching the online video on how to play, we had the rules sorted pretty quickly. The first game I managed to win with a sneaky boost card. The second game was much closer with Yvonne beating me in the final round. Both games took about an hour for the two of us, which I think will speed up as we play it more. The game will be great with four or more players, as there will be no chance of planning the drafting stage of the game, where you get to choose cards and pass them remainder on to the next player. The game mechanic is quite different from other games I have played, with dice pools, card drafting (selecting cards from a card hand),using the dice in your dice pool as resources to build, fix and move your invention around the race track.

On the war gaming front I’ve acquired the X-wing imperial assault carrier, which I’m looking forward to a few games in the coming week.

My modelling is coming along nicely as I’m almost finished the ramshackle barn and fences. As we  as having started building the Sarissa Factory building as well.