24 July 2016

Impending doom

Having gotten the board game buzz back again, the wife and I busted out Elder Signs, with the Unseen Forces expansion added in. The impending doom  immediately setting in as the howling wind and rain came through battering the house....very appropriate for the game.
I had forgotten how brutal the game can be, the first game took all of 10 mins to kill my first character and other 10 minutes after that to devour us completely. Game two we a lot more successful after removing the master level ethos cards from the deck and having remembered the rules and flow of the game. We managed to survive long enough to actually win . The Blessed and Cursed die addition from the Unseen Forces expansion making a really nice twist, which assisted no end in us beating the Old one.

I'm now look forward to trying out the new adventure of Omens of Ice, which I got given for my birthday.