11 July 2016

Warming the winter nights away.

A cold winters night, fireplace roaring in the background, Bookers Bourbon at hand (straight up of course) and little colored  plastic trains allover the table. Yep, its board game night at home.

It's been far to long since I busted out the board games at home, so with not wanting to slit my throat which is preferable to having to watch the "Reality TV" crap that the broadcasters seem to spew from every orifice these days ... First Dates UK, The Real Housewives Of O.C  .... W.T.F.

Thought I must have died and gone to hell for second, then decided to exercise that brain cell of mine and instead opted for Ticket to Ride, the African map.

Great little game, and the African map has a nice variant with points scoring, which still didnt help me as my wife crushed me yet again.

So with that I know my humanity has been restored and the soul destroying corporate steamrolling of Reality TV will have to go hungry.