09 July 2016

Sometimes... The dice just hurt

Jeepers, the last month has blinked by so quick. So today the usual crew of dodgy looking gamers that turned out for the South Auckland club meeting, on a hell freezing day ...well a bloody cold day at least. The hall was a couple of degrees colder than outside.

Some of the lads got stuck into there ACW game (which I'll get round to playing at some stage) While the rest of us played kings of War. So we ended up with four guys playing ECW and 6 playing Kings of War.

First game up I played Glen with his Abyssal army verses my Abyssal's  in a 3000 point brawl. We rolled up the pillage scenario and ended up with 6 objectives on the table. My winter blue themed demons looked great up against Glen's Red Devils on the winter white table.

 The first few rounds were pretty even, and then things slowly tuned against me as my deployment wasn't that great and my inability to hold up my right flank cost me in the late game. The addition of two regiments of Kin Crossbow men was a good choice and they added that extra range that was lacking in my last army list. In end I lost 2-4 and conceded in turn six with Glen holding 4 objectives

I think at 3000 points game, a few less units and having another horde sized unit would help, but overall not a bad result.

Second game Jason and I tried out he Last Stand scenario from the Destiny of Kings. Jason with his Kingdom of men ended up being the defenders as we played out 2500 points.
Jason's Defensive deployment

With Jasons deployment done and his horde of Knights on the table in open ground I was a bit stumped on how to tackle them. So I gambled on my Arch Fiend a horde of Morlochs along with an Efreet. I attached all three sides with my main push up the center on my table edge.

Sometimes... The dice just hurt
The lost Gamble

My gamble with my Arch fiend didnt pay off as Jason rolled magnificently and utterly destroyed my fiend in the first turn with his horde of Knights. My following tun the Morloch's dealt out 10 points of damage, which wasn't enough and subsequently got trotted over by the knights along with my Efreet.
The Gargoyles snack attack

On my other flank however my hell hounds and Gargoyles did lots of mauling and ripped through Jason's archers and a few other units. We ground each other down over the seven turns and ended up with precision played chess maneuvers, each of us trying to eek out a win. In the end it was a draw.

the last stand
It was a really challenging game, the different scenario made both of us really think,which made the game alot of fun. It also really showed how well balanced the army's are.Each with there strengths and weakness.  I can see myself playing KOW for quite along time to come.

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