11 February 2018

Hail Caesar

Yesterday was the monthly South Auckland gaming club day. With Hail Cesar the flavor of the month. With only nine of us being there, I ended up using my Greek and Pyrrhic armies together to face off two opposing 300 point armies.

First game up I was running at Mark with his Romans and Glen with his Seleucid's. We played on a 8 foot by 4 foot table with a few bits of terrain.  My Greeks taking the bottom left hand position in this photo.

 With Pyrrhic on the right, but unfortunately for me, my heavy Cavalry ended up facing glen's Seleucid Pike blocks.. not a good start,

 Kevin and Saul facing off, on Saul's awesome new Deep Cut Studios gaming mat. If you haven't seen one, they are "F'ing" awesome. They make a thick mouse pad style ones as well as thinner PVC ones. The mouse pad ones a really great, thick and heavy, they don't move or slide around on the table and with a small amount of cushioning if you knock over your precious models, they are more likely not to chip. Not to mention that the mats look great. I've got three of them now, and will probably end up with more in the future.

Saul's first game with his Britons versus Kevin's Imperial Romans.

Steven borrowed some of Mark's Roman's to run over Bryan with this Hittie's is only his second game I think. Nice one Bryan, I think Steven is hooked... (which army will he go for that's the real question)

 The beginning of my epic battle against Mark and Glen.

Oh yeah, my very unpainted Heavy Cav and some Pike getting there butt's kicked to start with and then I started to pull things back as Glen's dice turned on him

Below mark's Romans finally start to move after a couple of turns.

For the first time since I've been playing Hail Ceasar I actually shattered a unit in one turn. epic dice roll on my side and Super EPIC fail on Glen's dice.

Things got dicey in the middle as my Greeks got into the Roman's butt couldn't quite break them 

Well past lunch time we called the game, probably only half way through actual game. I was looking good, but as I had 5 divisions vs 4 and I had lost one, I had to concede as a loss .,,, dam it.

 After lunch I again played 600 points, this time against Glen and Cavan. I actually didn't take any photos as I was so engrossed in the game and trying to run a new army and 600 points was a task and a half. I made them grind it out until the end, where my army broke. A really close EPIC level game, in which I made a few real cockups with not knowing the rules.. but still an awesome day but exhausting gaming day. 

Next month is more of the same, so should have more paint on my Pyrrhic army by then and will have read the rules a bit more. Hopefully I wont have to run 600 points next month, and will be able to concentrate more on using the cavalry better. Which will also allow me to run a slightly different list than the one I did yesterday. (Which is below)

Then to add salt to the wound, I lost a game of Suburbia to my wife by 1 point that night as well. 

A fun day of losses :-)

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