06 February 2018

Plastic fumes and Spartans

So today in NZ is a public holiday, and I managed to get 40 Spartan's prepped ready for undercoating and also got some more paint onto my elephants. With a few extra models from my previous boxes, this gives me 3 units to do up as Spartans.

The weird weather going from rain to blistering sun to zero wind in the space of a few hours meant that the usual light breeze wasn't about to flush my new man cave free of the plastic cement fumes, Which got a bit high, and with a damn summer cold I never noticed until the headache turned up ... queue afternoon snooze.

 With the elephants starting to look the part now, I've now got to figure out what scheme to paint all the crew and then the massive task of all the pikemen.

The Pyrrhic side of the army has alot of painting to go, but it will be nice to paint something other than Greek. It's at least ready to run out on the table should I need an extra army for the club day.

My 300 points of Greeks are all painted, just some basing to finish off on the skirmishers, and then finish up the generals.

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