02 October 2021

I can see

 The voltage regulator I ordered from our friends in China via Ali Express turned up early in the week and I was excited to install it and get the extraction fan working on my resin printer fume cabinet. The packaging was terrible, just a bubble wrap bag, so the mounting flanges were bent…. no major, a pair of plyers sorted that, and its not as if I was worried about the cosmetic look. But unfortunately, when I came to actually testing it, the LED was all over the place at first and it tripped the main fuses on the house circuit. ...hmmm... that’s never good.

After pulling it apart to checking the internals which looked ok and I re-seated the LED connector, that sorted the LED out, but it then stopped changing the voltage and tripped the fuse again. So a dead unit for sure, after testing on my voltage meter it wasn’t changing anything.

Logged a dispute on AliExpress and sent some photos and a short video, a few hours later I got confirmation of a complete refund. The process was pretty easy, so big thumbs up to AliExpress, they continue to impress me with their service. Shame about the voltage meter, but shit happens and for $35 I'm not complain since I will get my money back in a week or so. I’ll go and see if I can find another brand to try out.

I did however get the LED's installed inside of the cabinet today with the on/off switch. Easy install and works great. It will make working on the printer and changing out things so much better. Best of all it will make checking the prints as they are building really easy.

The photos are with all the house lights out and only the LEDs on, so very happy with the results. 

Resin Printer fume cabinet


I also wired up the 120mm extraction fan directly with no variable control and tested that out. It has plenty of airflow, so things are looking really good for the extraction. I wasn’t sure if it would have enough power to do the job, but pretty sure it will work sweet now.

I've got the air ducting connector now printing on my FDM printer and I will pick up the ducting tomorrow fromt he hardware store. All going well I'll be able to do some proper testing during the week.

Air duct connector


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