17 October 2021

Them Trolls

 I managed to get in some painting time today. So to start with and to do something different from Necromunda models I started on my three trolls for LOTR. Using alternative models I had printed up last week. 

I'd been having issue gluing the resin models together, so after some advice from a Mark the other week, I ordered some accelerator for super glue, which turned up on Friday. It works really really well, and I've been able to glue the resin parts together really easily. It's awesome stuff. The Zap Zip Kicker is well worth it, saves time and frustration.

I've got the first few colors down on the trolls along with the first skin wash.


While I wait for the troll wash to dry I moved onto a few more Necromunda models and got the base colors down....man I'm so looking forward to actually playing some games...soon I hope, once we get out of lockdown.




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