Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ruins of Osgiliath and Brush Cleaning

I’ve been busy playing around with the air brush and my Vallejo pigments on the Ruins of Osgiliath over the last few nights. Along with some Vallejo Air paints that I recently acquired. The Vallejo Air paints still needed thinning before being usable, my verdict is still out on them, but I’m only comparing them against Tamiya at this point, so time will tell on which I’ll prefer.

As for the pigments..I went nuts and tried a few different ways of applying it which all seemed to end up looking the same after it was dry.

Ruins of Osgiliath Ruins of Osgiliath Ruins of Osgiliath

Also tried out some brush cleaning soap that I got from Gordon Harris, our local art store. I got the idea from another awesome blog http://warpainter-kerry.blogspot.com/2011/01/getting-started-painting-tools.html . And I’m a convert after cleaning my first brush. I thought I’d start with the acid test and pulled out one of my old brush's that I relegated to mixing PVA glue for basing… OMFG … The first clean I was surprised at how much it cleaned off, then I did a second clean.. just nutty, it’s usable again,

Also found these little  video on brush care which was interesting http://vimeo.com/4967134 and another on YouTube. It’s well worth the $14 I spent on the Masters Brush Cleaning kit, I got the little pot and a bar of soap in it. Cleans paint of the hands really well.

Kudos goes to Kerry for pointing out this little money saving gem
     – Check is blog out at http://warpainter-kerry.blogspot.com

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