22 September 2014

Go kiss an ash tray

Well I'm now back at the grind stone and managed to get through my first day and all 1200 emails. I always hate the first day back and sifting through emails. So to take the edge off the craziness I've got myself a good glass of Laphroaig from my holiday acquisitions. Its a "Go kiss an ash tray" brute. No smooching the wife tonight :-) Nothing subtle about the first sip, she's straight to the strong peaty noise and taste and then into the complex flavours that are classic Laphroaig.

I've got a few photos to still go through from the holiday, but that can wait as I needed to scratch that painting ich. So I worked on a few pike and shotte models before getting side tracked on my new vehicles for Bolt Action. A Gaz track and a Japanese type 94 Tankette were first up.

I'm using some basic chipping methods on the truck, but this time I'm trying out several layers of colours and chipping out each layer as I go. Seems to have worked quite well so far.

I've als finally gotten around to playing a game of Civilization that I got my wife for her birthday a few months back. We are about half way through the first game. It's far more intensive on the rules than any other board game I've tried. But we are getting the hang of it and things are starting to make sence now. We played for about four hours yesterday with lots of stops and starts trying to work out how things worked. I think we will like the game more as we get more games in... Time will tell.