16 February 2013

BattleCry 2013

  So after two games today, I'm 1/1 wins/ loss so Ive matched last years for wins. The games were complete polar opposites with a 14/0 loss to start with then a 0/15 win. 

The fist game we had lots of terrain which forced me to deploy all in one corner. So I started all bunched up and things just went downhill from there. Facing lots of bow I kept getting shot up, and couldn't get in my charges, then I just failed cohesion checks all over the place. I crumbled completely and ulterly with the game finished in just on 2 hours. So a complete butt kicking.

The second game started much better with much less terrain so I could deploy my Vikings properly. Chris was a pretty new player so made a few mistakes in his deployment which gave me a bit of an advantage. The game was very even for the first have with both sides taking and giving out hits, but nothing really making any impact. It all went downhill for Chris when he started failing cohesion checks, then in one turn I broke all three of his elephant battle groups which then cascaded into several other battle groups causing them all to break as well. Giving me a complete win.

Here's a few shots of some of the other gamines going on.

And some of Garth's very cool jungle terrain for Infinty. 


  1. Many thanks for your BattleCry update. I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts. I would love to have played at BattleCry this year, but was unable to make it. I hope your second day was a sterling success, and of course, great fun. I look forward to reading and seeing more about it. Cheers, Matthew.

  2. Thanks for the comments Matthew, going on the interest this year we may end up with quite a few more players.

  3. Good stuff all round!

    Thanks for the feature Rob! It certainly helps the ego (and the late nights) to hear they looked good :)