Sunday, February 6, 2011

The FOG of War returns

WOW, it’s been 7 months since I last play a game of FOG.  Chris and I bashed out a game, With me struggling to remember the rules and Chris just learning, two games took us all day, but it was fun and it’s rekindles everyone’s enthusiasm for the game. So I’ve already started added some more paint to my Vikings and seriously considering getting another army as the exchange rate is just awesome at the moment.

Chris, true to form, proxied his army using some blank bases and borrowed models from Mark, can’t actually remember what armies he used, but I used my Vikings. I managed to roll through his first list and also the second list which was a different army. We definitely had several rules wrong, but it was all fun and now I’ll be reading the rules again.

Here’s a few pic’s of the game. “Yes” Do you like my Flames of War artillery Camp Smile



Here’s a closer view of some of Mark’s models.

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