Monday, August 13, 2012


I managed to find some time this afternoon to start on the base for my Caskuda as well as pinning the big bug together. In keeping with my theme and wanting to make him nice and solid. (I’ve got a few War Machine Heavy Jacks that topple over really easy so wanted to avoid that)  I decided to expand the base and make him a lot more stable and hopefully easier to transport, with the base protecting the hand and legs quite a bit more. I just used an old War Machine 50mm base as the main standing base, then cut a semi circle to match in the base that come with the Caskuda. Added in some bark for the rocks, plants and grit and she's all done. I did brace the two based together with some green stuff, super glue and a ice cream stick, which also helped keep the two bases level.

Here’s a couple of pictures with him just sitting on the base, with the wings held in only by the pins. I’ll paint them all separately.


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