Sunday, October 28, 2012

Board Game Bash

Gotta love summer, gaming in the garage finally becomes a lot more fun in the warmth. I'm sure my brain works far better in summer than winter. (We will probably be bitching about the heat in another month or so)

So today we played mostly board games, with Capital Offensive fist up. In which I got seriously FRAG'ed so quickly it was almost embarrassing ... But then again thats typical of my skill at computer games.. LOL, so nothing to unusual or upsetting about that.


After that we played another four player game of Spartacus. I really enjoyed it, being my second game I understood a lot more of what was going on and how to play. I ended up drawing the same house as I had last time which also helped my cause. We started at 7 influence, which is basically a shorter game time. It ended up that Mark and myself had to slug it out in the arena to see who would win as we both got to the 12 influence level in the same turn. The really funny thing was that neither of us had any gladiators left, so we had some slave on slave action. Which basically came down to the roll of dice, which I lost. Defiantly looking forward to some more games of this. The sneaky back stabbing nature of the game is great fun.


Then Mark and I broke out Summoner War's for a couple of games. I got mashed in the first battle between my Shadow Elves and the Mountain Vargath. In the second game I defeated Mark's Benders with the Deep Dwarfs in a massive beating. In both games the order of the draw pile really made/broke one side or the other. Every time I play Summoner Wars the more I enjoy it. So simple a game that can be crazy complex if you want it to be.

To wrap up the day we played a 100 point X-Wing game, 2 players a side. 4 Rebel ships up against 5 Imperial ships. This time my dice rolling was much more even, and Phil's rolling was also pretty good. The Rebels came out on top with some lucky shots and a bit of manoeuvring luck. This game is another one that I foresee being played regularly for some time, as its easy to setup, fast and fun.

(I'm still trying to use my ipad to post to my blog and still pulling my hair out with getting a good photo layout, giving up using the Blogsy app. It just doesn't cut it. Also tried out using Flickr, which is ok, but I don't like the fact that when you click an image to enlarge it, it opens another page, so back to using google for image storage.)


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