29 April 2013

Big Bugs and Six guns

The weekend started with me trying to cut my thumb off, followed by smashing it on a bench vice followed by badly burning it on a tungsten lamp. yep, that was my Saturday. It did get better when I went and watched Iron Man 3 at the movies. Nothing like siting back sippin scotch and watching a great movie.

So come Sunday I was ready for some gaming. So I rocked out a random list for my Combined army using the Cascuda again, since I put all that time into making the base and painting him. Phil with using his ALEPH and that nasty Asuras which I always seem to have trouble dealing with. We used the YAMS cards for missions and this time I had three which I though I’d have a good chance of getting and one was a maybe…if I’m lucky.

It turned out I was lucky, and I actually got all four of my objectives, the first time ever. So I ended up winning the game 4 to 3. Whaoo .. The highlight was having the Cascuda’s airborne deployment hacked by Phil, then nailing the landing on top of a building…. and landing on one of Phil's camouflaged models hiding on the roof. Splat …Urrrr …Bug Bug carnage.

Infinity 019 . Infinity 020

A shot of Will’s Highlanders from his game against Phil in the afternoon.


After that Mark and I picked up a game of Legends of the Wild West with his newly made fences and repainted buildings (still a work in progress), along with his newly acquired wagons, gallows and a long drop. This time we used the full rules and made up gangs using the $200 startup money. My usual Cow Girls versus the Mexican Bandit’s.


The game rolled out very smoothly and with all the extra cover, it was alot more fun. Everyone on both sides was lasting alot longer with all the cover taking a beating from gunfire. Add that with the use of the Fame and Fortune of the characters really made for a fun game.


With my burnt thumb there was no way I was taking my DSLR to take photos so I just shot a few pics on my phone, which turned out ok,


My Soiled Dove did a great job of walking up and shooting one of the Mexicans in the back, only to try and take cover from the others in the wagon and failing her climb roll, then her grit test… broken neck.. what a way to go out.


039 In the end the Cow Girls whittled down the Mexicans and they headed for the hills once again. So I think that puts the Cow Girls in a bit of a winning streak.

I’ll probably regret it next game.