06 July 2014


Bonsai .... No... Banzai ..... Yes we rolled out a couple more games of Bolt Action yesterday. This time Will had got his Germans put together and he squared off against my Japs in his first game. Mark gave him a helping hand as I charged in and sent the Germans packing in the first game. Mainly due to it being Will's first game and that fact I had some idea of how to use my Japanese. We got several rules wrong and learnt them pretty quickly. My adjusted army list from last week worked quite well, but I'll need to tweak it a bit further, and I defenatly need to mark up my bases to help separate the squads.

 The kamazai suiside guys with the lunge mines worked well for me in the first game, destroying Will's tank, but as inexperience troops they are a little fradgile ... Go figure ... How does one become a veteran suiside dude? 

Second game Will was getting the hang of things and made me work hard to try and take the objects of the mission. Unfortunately we ran out of time, as I had to depart and go try and save the fence at home... Good old winter weather taking it toll. 

On the painting side of things I'm well into my Pike and Shotte cavalry now, having put together 40 foot and 24 horse for the cavelry horses. 

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