15 July 2014

Pike and Shotte progress

So with the huge game of Pike and Shotte scheduled in for next months South Auckland club meeting, I've been busy putting together all my troops and getting some paint on them as well. I think the table size is planned to be 8 foot x 16 foot or larger. 

My biggest problem so far was finding a way to transport them all. With the pikes standing at 100mm tall, it ruled out a lot of my transport cases I have. So a trip to the local plastic box store sorted that out. Add some Flames of War magnetic stick on bases to them and that will keep them from moving about while in transit.

I'm sticking with my speed painting technique like I did on my Bolt Action Japnese. Black undercoat, white top down overspray, then a base colour to start with. (Gives a nice fast and easy base to work from) I'm not expecting to have everything painted by next month, but at least I'll have them all with a base colour on them, so it will be nice and easy to tell the units apart. The yellow worked really well with the black, the purple has worked ok. I think another wash of purple ink over the top should bring the shadows detail back out.

 Now back to putting more troops together... I'm not even half way yet ...