14 July 2014

Bolt Action fun

Jeepers the days are flying past, another month already. Winter is cursing past at a wet and wild pace. Managed to get my fence fixed without to much cost, or drama, so gaming on Sunday saw another club meeting down south. Bolt Action and FOW were flavors of the day.

Brian turned up with some of his old terrain boards for his FOW game. Even though they were in the so called old and damage camp, they looked pretty awesome and really suited the FOW game they played out.

I rolled out a couple more games with my Japanese infantry list for Bolt Action. First up I was up against Jason with his British and those damn evil Gurkha. At least I knew what to expect this time round. We choose the demolition scenario as I hadn't played it before and setup the table. We housed ruled the jungle side of the table with visibility of 6 inches. Yep,  6 inches, no snipers in this jungle.

Once the camps were places, we went to deployment and with my revamped list it was at odds with myself. Go heavy on the defense or heavy on the attack. I ended up with going heavy on the attack, and leaving two small units and the flame thrower defending the camp. 

The game went right down to the wire with my large 15 man squad doing the business on the attacking flank and my flame throwing causing Jason to dilly dally on attacking my camp, which gave just enough time to take out his camp before his Gurkha slaughter what little defense I had. It was a fantastic game, with about average dice rolling on both sides. Although Jason's 25 pounder couldn't hit the side of a building it was parked beside ... Literary didn't hit a single thing.

The second game was a different story completely, Kevin bought out French conscripts so it was my 11 squads vs 18 French. Which turned into 8 vs 18 very quickly. A dumb mistake by me saw my flame thrower taken out very early on, then charging my 15 man squad out after a vehicle... Only to find out its a recon vehicle and it runs away... Oh bugger... Dread men standing in the open... Lots of artillery rolling lots of high dice.... Splat. Nothing I did was right, even my dice starting laughing at me.  I did get to chase lots of the French conscripts around as the fled from me crazy Japs. I was left wth 4 men on the table at the end of turn 5. Well played by Kevin, and some dumb mistakes by me, but I did learn, I'm always going to be checking the vehicles for the recon rules before charging them.

A great day of gaming, really enjoying Bolt Action and looking forward to some more jap craziness. 

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  1. Hola
    Buena mesa d juego,y se ve que os lo pasasteis bien
    un slaudo