02 November 2014

The Wild West

Having played alot of Bolt Action over the past few months we decided to bust out the old Legends of the Wild West. Phil turned on his paint face this past week and turned up with all his entire gang nicely painted. He did a really nice job in a very short time.

I was pretty tired after a busy week so Mark and Phil put there Outlaw gangs up against each other. I then pulled out all my civilians and popped them all over the place and Mark added in his civilians as well to make a real town scene. I ended up pushing around the civilians and making them run away and attach the nearest bad guys etc, which was anyone and everyone.

The stupid thing was that my dice rolling was a little crazy good and the civilians got out the beat stick and smacked around the Mexicans and then turned on the Outlaws.

The next game we will need to make the civilians a bit weaker. It was a good fun relaxed games.

After that I played Phil in a couple of beginner games of Saga. Being my first intro to the game so I didn't take any photos at all since I was trying to learn the rules. (Plus I was using Mark’s Lord of the Rings models as Proxys). Mark helped us with rules and gave me pointers where needed. I used the Vikings and Phil used the Crusaders. It was a 4 point game,which I took 4 unit of Hearth guard and a Warlord and Phil changed his units about between games to try things out.

I used my new toy, a Surface Pro 3 as the battle board since I had a PDF on it, and no one had a board I could borrow. It actually worked out really well. Another unforeseen bonus of my purchase this week.

The first game Phil changed up with his Cavalry and got smashed by my dice rolling.To add salt to the wounds, I was using his dice …LOL. Then he charged in with his Warrior Priest dude and dealt to one of my units, after which is was left hanging in the wind and I unloaded all my dice on my board into him winning the game.

Second game I started to see the different options on the Viking board and tried a few different options out as I tried to work out the mechanics of the game. This time round Phil was a bit more mindful of his Warlord and got stuck into me with his cross bolts and a couple of our units both self destructed as the killed each other outright in melee. I then had Phil’s Warlord charge into my Warlord and unleash vengeance with his full battle board behind him I got smashed and Phil won the game.

Its an interesting game with battle boards, think I'll need a few more games to be convinced to get into it. But since alot of the guys are already fully submerged I'll probably join them.