08 November 2014

Crazy Busy

What a crazy time it has been, with me trying to work out the work life balance thing and not go insane or drive myself into the ground. With all the work and other things going on time is just flying by and Christmas fast approach's.

 In an effort to separate work from personal time I got myself a new computer to use for all my photo editing,blogging etc. After lots of looking around I ended up getting a Surface Pro. Mainly to be mobile and be able to edit my photos etc when I’m travelling about. It’s turned out far better than I had expected. To the point I haven't touched my iPad since I got the Surface Pro. It runs my 1 GB Lightroom database fine and is powerfully enough to run any Photoshop work that I do (Which isn't much). Here’s a shot I've been playing around with from the Dwali festival I went to a few weeks back using the Surface Pro.

So with the weather getting better all the time and more things happening around the place, there will be lots more photo trips on the cards. One of which will be tomorrow. A road trip down to Cambridge to the Armistice show. Looking forward to that,especially if the day turns out like today. I should have lots of photos posted in the coming week.

Speaking of photos, About a month or so back a lady by the name of Vicki Leeuwenbu contacted me and asked if she could use a couple of my photographs I had posted up as a base for her paintings. It was pretty cool that she asked, as I wouldn't have ever known. I was more than happy for her to use them especially since she was from where I grew up. So low and behold she flicks me another email last night with a couple of photos of her paintings that she has done based on my photos.

WOW is about all I can say, Vicki is definitely talented.

Well with the planned Auckland traffic interruptions this weekend I ended up head down to the South Auckland gaming club an hour early, to make sure I could actually get there.Turned out I got straight through the traffic, so that worked well and was a good plan which I’ll repeated tomorrow for the trip to Cambridge.

Onto gaming, we ran another big game of Pike and Shotte at the club today. Which I’ve done no more painting on my troops (that's one thing I need to change, less work and more painting required). So it turned out to be 2000 points per side again. Kevin had kindly loaned out his Scotts since he was unable to make it today. John and Grant turned up and joined us in the fun and mayhem as game four took place with the Royalists ahead 2 games to 1 over the Parliamentarians.

We went with even less terrain than all our previous games which I think is the best for such a large scale game. It seemed to work really well and didn't cause any problems as it has in the past. The game flowed nicely.

John handed out a whipping to Bryan's Cavalry on the right flank with some spectacular dice rolling. A total reverse of last months game where I got smashed.

My Cavalry with Dragoon support trying in vain to dislodge Grants Cavalry in the center of the table, while John destroyed all resistance on the right flank and Kavan slowly but surely marched his Scotts across the  table rolling over everything in his path.

More chaos and carnage as units exploded. It was a game of extreme dice rolling, with at least 5 blunders, three of which Kavan managed to roll up.

The Scott Lancers getting in behind the Royalists, but charged to there doom as they tried to tackle two medium canons front on.

Glen's awesome looking Royalist handing out some pain (The paint still didn't save them)

 My parliamentarians boldly holding the center of the table as all the Calvary exploded around them.

 With the Royalists broken on the right flank thanks to John's efforts and my Parliamentarians managing to stand in the center of the table, it came down to Kavan and his mighty Scots routing Glen's forces.  After a few lucky dice rolls and saves Glen's royalists finally fell to the onslaught of the Scots and the Parliamentarians took a decisive win.

So at two games each there is still no clear winner between the Royalists and Parliamentarians. A great indication of a good set of rules. The decider will have to wait until next year sometime.

The amount of quick carnage was epic and the battle was over in about fours hours. Still fun was had by all.

So next months Club day will see Pike and Shotte taking a back seat as we move onto Field of Glory Ancients in the run up to the Battle Cry tournament in February. So my Vikings will be rolling onto the battle field once again.