29 December 2015

It's the end

With 2015 almost done and dusted, it’s the usual time to look back and see what you accomplished , or not as the case may be. And then  look forward to what is planned in 2016.

Looking back, the year has just flown by. Blog wise, I pretty much stopped blogging this year and focused on work and home life separation, as it had turned into a blurry mess of stress. Creating a work desk in the spare room was the game changer. Now I have a small room for hobby stuff …( no work aloud). Then separating my work email and personal email was also a huge help, so I couldn’t get distracted by work emails while talking to the lads and planning gaming session etc on the weekends. It took a few months of retraining myself and organizing the distinct separation of my work and personal stuff , but I’m a happier man  and thus wife is also happier. It’s not that easy to do when you spend quite a bit of time working from home. So all in all a very successful year on the work/home front.

Gaming wise, oh my god .. did I get a lot of plastic this year or what. Hail Caesar saw the table a lot and my army list expanded somewhat, followed by Pike and Shotte (Which I didn’t actually add to this year)

X-wing and Start Trek Attack Wing both saw some big epic scale games, which I think we will have to repeat in 2016. Judge Dread made a big impact at the South Auckland club as we all got into that for a small campaign.

I bought into Black Powder rule set with ACW army, and also ended up picking up boxes on a great sale for AWI and also Saga. So plenty or armies to build and paint in 2016.
Bolt Action was a  big hit this year seeing regular play and the usual Field of Glory was played a lot at the beginning of the year.

I did get a lot of painting done in the first half of the year and bugger all in the last half. My Greeks for Hail Caesar were the most fun to paint and I have half the army fully painted now.
Overall it was a quit year compared to previous years, which is a good thing,

Looking forward into 2016.
Gaming wise the goal is pretty simple, play the games I have.
Yep, I counted the rule sets I have, all 48 of them. Only nine of which I don’t have any models for….(yet)

A Fistful of Kung Fu
Anima Tactics
Black Powder
Bolt Action    
Dark Age
Dr Who
Drop Zone
Dungeon and Dragons Attack Wing
Dust Tactics  
Empire of the Dead
Field of Glory Ancients  
Field of Glory Napoleonic
Field of Glory Renaissance
Firestorm Armada
Flames of War  
Hail Caesar Army
Heavy Gear
Hell Dorado
In Her Majesty’s Name
Judge Dread
Kings of War
Legends of the High Seas
Legends of the Wild West
Mob Wars
Of Gods and Mortals
Pike and Shotte
Start Trek Attack Wing
Uncharted Seas
War Machine
War Master Ancients
Warhammer 40K
Warhammer Ancient Battles
Warhammer Chariot Wars
Wild West exodus
Wings of Glory

Now I realize that some of these games are dead or in the dying stages,  but as I’ve learnt over the years, these games have a surprising habit of re-surfing . First up is BattlteTech, I really want to get some games played in 2016, an all-time favorite of mine, a real time consumer for sure, but its always been fun to play. After that I think the long lost kin of Legends of the Wild west … Legends of the High Sea’s would be my next pick, really want to see my pirate ships in action. Ronin and Bushido are high on my play list for next year as well, with my Japanese terrain collection starting to grow these games will look awesome.

On the painting front, I just want to get into the grove and start painting a little every week.

Photography wise, that’s also simple, get out there and have fun shooting.

Oh yeah, and then there are the board games. 2015 was hugely lacking in board games, so revitalizing play is top of the list.
(Especially after today…got smashed by the wife at my new board game… twice)

and yes, proof I've actually being doing some modeling and building terrain :-)