11 February 2017

The Battle of Chancellorsville

This month at the South Auckland Gaming club meet, we had arranged a large game of ACW, and a few of the lads were also playing Bolt Action. The normal practice FOG games were dropped due to Battle Cry tournament failing to get organised in time (which is a shame) 

Saul had done an awesome job of organised the scenario, “The Battle of Chancellorsville of May 2,1863.” for us. 

We laid out the large table roughly according to the map and organised sides
Saul and Mark took the Confederates while Brian, Glen and myself ran the Union troops.
The battle map
Leo dropped in and lent his models to the union side, but wasn’t able to stay due to other commitment. (Big thanks to Leo as we needed them to balance out the sides)
Setting Up

deployment discussion 

The scenario called for the Union commanders to be running a command of only 7, while the Confederates had commands of 8 and Jackson of 9. Now that's not a big difference ,but it did make the union troops a bit harder to get going. Apparently that was quite accurate for the battle (Which I don’t have a clue about the actual history of t all) but it made for some interesting dice rolls.

Confederates advance

The setup was really different, with the union troops facing all sorts of directions to start with.

I got commander Schurz and the right flank to look after, while Brain took the center and Glen the left flank for the Union deployment

Both Mark and I had a hard time getting our troops to move by failing lots of command checks, in fact I failed 4 turns in a row to move anything. But thankfully the Confederates came into range and I got to shoot up a bunch,while managing to stay mostly intact.
Union troops pushing back the Confederates on the right flank

The game tipped back and forth for awhile and I ground the right flank of Confederates back into the forest all the while Glen on the right flank was getting massacred. Between Brain’s canons and my shooting we broke the right flank and Marks Confederates had to retreat, but the left flank was an all-out brawl which came down to the wire.

The end result was Glen’s troops folded and ran after taking the brunt of the assaults, then Brian's support also took a beating and finally failed breaking the Union army giving the win to the Confederates.
The Confederates push through on the left flank

Great game, although a little frustrating that I couldn't get my troops moving much.

Next month were back into Hail Caesar, so my Greeks get to make a come back to the table. 

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