20 February 2017

Into the Jungle

Yesterday saw Mark and I get in a small game of Beyond the Gates of Antares on my nice new Deepcut Studio alien planet mat, along with my home made jungle terrain. As Mark was a bit sick of my butt kicking Ghar army, I fielded the 514 points worth of Boromites I had put onto bases. This being my first game with the Boromites It was also a good little learning curve for me as well. The game started good for the Mark with his Concord, there superior range paying off in the first turn. Then a couple of bad choices by me and the Boromites got a right old rogering. With half of my units (all 5 of them) getting dusted quickly. I came back a bit when I got my Lava mites into combat, but ultimately I got wiped out. A fun little game on my awesome looking table. I'm really pleased with how the jungle terrain has come out. Just one more dusting of flocking around the base edges and they will be complete.

I just need to workout how I’m going to do the area terrain edges for the jungle. I’ll have to do some testing with bits of clear acetate or other type of plastic so the alien mat image shows through, then use the jungle terrain in the same fashion as you normally use trees on forest area terrain.

With Hail Caesar coming back to the club next month, my greeks are back out looking for more paint, so it going to be a busy month of painting.

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