06 February 2017

The victorious slaughtering Ghar

So we are about 8 games into Beyond the Gates of Antares now. My Ghar army has grown and I'm almost finished painting 1500 points worth in just over a month. Which is crazy good for my painting speed. So 2017 is shaping up to be a good painting year.

Sunday Mark and I got in two more games, in which we played the Return to Base Camp scenario. First up Mark was defending and I was attacking..or should I slaughtering. It was a very one sided affair as I mowed though Mark's Concord. I had taken a 5 man battle squad which turned out rather effective. Expensive, but very effective. So I'll be testing out running larger squads in teh next few games.

Having a better grip on the rules now, I'm getting into using more of the specialist weapons and rules and making good use of them. As Mark found out how nasty disruptor weapons are when you get two squads to close to each other.

After lunch we ran the same lists but I swapped to defending. This time Mark's Concord had alot more success, but still found it hard work against my Command crawler with Leader 2 rules, which saved it from destruction twice, much to the disgust of Mark.

I've also picked up the Gluper model from the campaign book, which I'm hoping we will actually get to run the campaign. Just started on him today with some base airbursh work

Then of course for Christmas, I picked up the Brood Mother from the Bormites, which are going to be my second army once I finish painting the Ghar. I held out this far, but couldn't any longer, just had to put it together to see it. It's huge, once you put it down next to a Ghar battle amour suit and a standard Ghar model, it towers over them all. She's gonna be epic, both in the painting and on the table.

It's not a good fitting resin model, with alot of green stuff required. Sure you could leave alot of the gaps, which they did in the photo on the box, but I didn't like that look, so went to town with the green stuff. The legs are also a mission, getting an even stance and wanting 5 good contact points out of the 6 legs, proved to be a bit of a challenge. One leg to go which will need a bit of surgery and pinning to get it to look right. 

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