12 February 2017

The Ghar

So today I finished off my Ghar army for Beyond the gates of Antares. Pretty sure this is a record for me painting an entire army, from the first purchase to fully painted in exactly 2 months to the day.

My army also includes some Rebel Ghar units, which I will build up if we keep playing, keeping the same colour scheme so I can run either army list.  

With this lot I can run a list 1750 points, or do a 2000 point list by bulking all the units up with their respective unit options. 

I've also created a massive excel spread sheet as an army builder. I've currently got the Ghar and Boromite armies all setup and working, with unit option selections, points calculation etc. It's been a mind bending experiment into excel logic and advanced formulas, but it was a good little challenge for the brain and good training for me work wise. It's still got a long way to go with getting the other army list into it. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome thought. 
Look forward to getting some more games in and also for my Boromite army to arrive so I can start work on them.

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