05 January 2013

Big Spiders and Flaming Zombies

What a cracking day, sunshine and blue sky, perfect for Will’s Harvard flight. But first up Mark took me though a game of Lord of the Rings Card game. It was quite involved for a card game, but once I understood the mechanics it was alot of fun. We had to fight a bunch a nasty spiders and we managed to win the game but lost two of our hero's in the process. Looking forward to trying out a full 2 player game.


Then we tried out our first game of Mansion of Madness. I played the Keeper and Mark took 2 Investigators.

We stumbled through the game, and didn’t have to many problems. By the time Marks investigators got to the finale, one of his investigators was heavily injured. The flaming Zombie running around was alot of fun. So the final battle lasted a couple of rounds before time ran out and the whole mansion got sucked into oblivion and the Keep won. A few rules to lookup online for clarification and the next game should be even smoother.

Later on in the afternoon we went out to Ardmore airport to watch Will’s Harvard flight and of course to take a few pictures. Here’s a few shots.


Also a a jet take off while I was there.