04 January 2013

Weathering the storm

Yep I survived the storm of snot yesterday and managed not to drown in the stuff last night. I did manage to do a bit of painting yesterday when I wasn't crawling around with a raging headache.

I tried out using an oil paint wash and busted out my Vallejo Pigments again. The oil wash works really well, once you have you oil paint and turps mix right. I still need more practice as I haven't got the hang of it quite right. The two things I did discover was that having a small fan beside your work area is awesome. I set it up to push the fumes from the turps out the window (not that I could smell shit away) but found it also sped up the drying time of the turps, making it evaporate much faster, thus revealing the true wash effect nice and quick. The second thing I found was that you can correct mistakes easily, by just using a cotton bud or even your finger to wipe off areas that were over done with the wash. (Not rocket science if you think about it, since oil paint takes hours to dry). Any way here how it turn out so far.