28 January 2013

The Bugs are back


Yesterday I played my first Infinity game for some time, so I was rather rusty. I busted out the bugs again (Combined army). With the plan of trying a few things to build my list for the Campaign we will start after the Battlecry tournament in a few weeks.


Phil had got all his building together with some customisations, the set looks awesome, even unpainted. Along with Gath’s scratch built terrain the table was looking pretty good. The game itself was a testament to how evil dice can be. With me rolling and failing 13 unopposed  shots. Then with a bit of assistance from Gath on some tactics and some dice rolls that went my way I managed to complete the mission and win the game…. by the skin on m teeth.

I also played a FOG game in the morning in another epic battle against Mark. We tried out the mountain terrain choice which was interesting to say the least, especially when most of the terrain ended up on Marks side. We ended the game after about 7 turns, with Mark on 6 points of 11, and me on 8 or 13, which ended up with me in front on the percentage, not sure how that translates into win/losses in the points system.  That's something I’ll need to read up on. Either way our armies are well matched and it’s always a hard fight.