12 January 2013

Viking bashing and board games

Another hot summer day bought about the fist club meet of the year. I rolled out the Vikings once again in preparation for Battlecry 2013 Field of Glory Ancients. The game was about me learning how much I hate really long spiky sticks...aka Pikes. I held my battle line together pretty well, but with most of my guys rolling at one down it wasn't to long before things went wrong. Especially when my hard as nails Huscarls rolled snake eyes and went from rock steady to a bunch of running pansies. So I was pretty well bashed over in that game.

Then later on in the evening I played my first couple of games of Settlers of Catan. We were only player the two player version which was fun, but I think with 3 or more players it would be a lot more fun with all the trading that would go on, so looking forward to getting a multiplayer game in.