20 January 2013

Field of Glory 2.0

A drive though the rain to start the day gaming over at Mark, with a drive past the annual Kumeu Classic car show. Lots of old classic cars cursing around.

Having registered for the Battlecry tournament again this year, it was time to get some practice games in. I ended up deciding I’d take my Viking again, since I hadn’t finished up painting my Egyptians and they are pretty soft and squishy.

Now that we all have our FOG 2.0 rule books, we could really nut out the changes and get a good refresh of the standard rules, so the games took a bit longer than normal.

The first game we played in the desert with lots of terrain. The layout ended up forcing us to fight the battle at one end of the table which suited me.

Field of Glory 2.0 - VikingsField of Glory 2.0 - VikingsField of Glory 2.0 - VikingsField of Glory 2.0 - Vikings

A little bit of shuffling of my line, and some luck in my manoeuvre checks got me around the soft sand terrain and into a half decent battle line.

Field of Glory 2.0 - VikingsField of Glory 2.0 - Vikings

From there on it was pretty much a straight march towards each other.

Field of Glory 2.0 - VikingsField of Glory 2.0 - VikingsField of Glory 2.0 - Vikings

Things went my way pretty much from the start, with my dice rolls making most checks and above average rolls on every else. Mark had the exact opposite and couldn't make a cohesion check to save himself. So I rolled over all of his battle groups with little resistance. We did make a mistake with Mark’s Heavy Chariots not breaking off after the combat, but that wouldn’t have changed the game by to much. As I killed his Inspired commander and a troop commander. It was a good refresher on rules, even if it was very one side game.

The second game was played in the desert again, but with a much more open battlefield. Mark tried a flank march to see how that worked. It got me to centre my army in the middle of the table more than I normally would have. This time Mark’s dice rolling was back to normal and his skirmishers worked really well for him. I was on the sharp end of them, and learnt a few things about how weak my unprotected troops really are to shooting. It was a pretty even game until the second turn were I doubled down(snake eyes) on two battle groups and had them both break. We even came across a situation were two fragmented battle groups fighting each other both broke and ran away because of things happing around them at the same time.(very rear I think, but all possible). The game ended pretty quickly after that as my line fell apart and I failed lots of cohesion tests, with Mark wining this one well and truly.

So another great day gaming and some things to think about, and even maybe a change to my army list….maybe.