03 March 2013

Roll and Relax

Yep, after a manic week at work and to many hours steering into monitors, it was great to relax and roll dice and play some games on Saturday. With a couple of new people coming along to join our group. Christian who I played at Battlecry and Matthew, who found us through our blogs. Both who are FOG players, so this years gaming is really shaping up to be the year of FOG.

I played my first 400 point FOG game, using Mark’s constricted rules (http://kiwi-colour-studio.blogspot.co.nz/) for small games. I used my Egyptians for the first time in god knows how long. While Matthew borrowed Marks Romans. Talk about rusty, having played with my Vikings for so long I had to keep looking at Chariot rules. My dice were on fire and my shooting rolls were well above average, on top of which Matthew’s cohesion rolls went from bad to worse. So I scrounged out a win after Matthew conceded. So a fun game and great to have another player in the group.

Game-Field of Glory-001Game-Field of Glory-002Game-Field of Glory-003Game-Field of Glory-005

We then busted out my Wings of Glory WWII planes for the first time, and had five of us taking a couple of planes each. A great little game, easy rules to learn and the pre-painted planes are awesome. I’m definitely going to have to get some scenario games in with bombing runs, and battle ships etc.

Wings of Glory 007Wings of Glory-011Wings of Glory-009Wings of Glory010Wings of Glory-013

Then later on in the afternoon I took my Egyptians up against Will with the Romans again. A different story this time round as I got crushed. The good thing from this game was it got me really looking at the rules later that evening, and I found a few things that I had forgotten about and a couple of things I got completely wrong in both games. Not that the things I got wrong would have changed the outcome of the game by much.

Game-Field og Glory-014Game-Field og Glory-015

My Light Chariots shooting backwards only get a negative POA, which I was halving the dice rather than adding the negative POA. Something I’ll definitely remember for the future.

Game-Field og Glory-016Game-Field og Glory-017

I also found a nice little complex move in the rule book that the light chariots can do, which is basically shuffle back two inches. So that will be very handy when they are up against heavy foot troops as long as I pass the complex maneuver roll, It should get me three rounds of shooting before having to flee from charges. Now onto some painting, having white primed models on the table looked bad.