25 February 2013


So on Sunday my Cowgirls meet the Marks Mean Mexicans in a shoot out, for our second game. My nine girls against Marks 10 Mexicans. I used the same list as I did last time, but Mark just made a list on the spot. We haven't played in such a long time and the rules were a bit fizzy but came back quickly. We didn't bother with the extra luck and characters abilities. Nice and simple and straight forward fun. Actually I did use the main ability of my Soiled Dove, so the Mexican couldn't gun her down…(Who would shoot a pair of legs like that… I mean a lady)… bloody Mexican bandits


Three of my girls got gunned down in a blaze of glory as several of the Mexicans converged on a side ally, but they did take down three of them at the same time.


Then the building took a hammering as the Mexicans kept missing and hitting the buildings rather than the girls. With four casualties on my side and five on Marks, it was pretty even until I got one more man down and Mark failed his pluck roll, and ran for the hills.

It's such a fun game, simple and fast. We really have to play it more, especially with all the cool buildings Mark has for it.

In the afternoon I finally got my big bug on the table in a couple of games of Infinity against Phil. We played a couple of Paradiso missions, which were fun, I really do like the missions for Infinity. They give the game a real nice feel, rather than a "Kill'em all" type game. The games we a little frustrating for me (thats me getting frustrated with myself) mainly because I'm so rusty at the rules, and I kept remembering the rules after I did things. Get past that and the games were still good fun. I did find out quickly that I need to get a few other lists together for the missions, as you need to tailor them to the missions. I ended up in a draw on the first game, morel victory to Phil, as he got me into retreat, but neither of us got any victory points.


The second mission was a complete wash for me, pretty much from the start once deployment was taken. The mix of my list and objective placement meant I was gonna have a hard time no matter what I did. I did still give it a crack, and made a complete hash of it after I ran my Lieutenant out in the open and got him killed... A three turn scenario... Stupid with a capital "S". ... Never mind. But on the bright side the Cascuda got to the table and killed some models. And it’s a start to get those rules back in my head.

Mark and Will got in a couple of games of Wings of Glory World War I, while we were playing Infinity. The planes look great on the table.


To then wound up the day and played our first game of Sedition Wars. Will had gotten into the Kickstarter, so has the huge lot of miniatures. Some of the bigger aliens looked awesome, a few themes in some of the miniatures that looked a bit Tyraind-ish, so of course I liked them. As per usual with the first game of anything, the rules knowledge was rough, but we worked through it and got the basic mechanics of it all. Phil and I took the humans while Will and Mark took the aliens. The humans got pasted well and good. Definitely need a couple more games of it.

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  1. Was a good days worth of gaming. We should have another game of Wild West on Saturday :) And we need to try wings of glory WW2 - get those planes of yours on the table my friend :)