15 July 2013

Game Stats

I’ve been keeping a record of my games for a since last year, mainly out of curiosity. As I’m a classic magpie gamer, although starting to be less so with the number of games I now own. If I compare the investment in dollars to usage, it’s a rather interesting outcome so far this year.

With FOG Ancients being played the most, and having spent nothing on that, it’s an outstanding investment. Followed by Infinity, which I’ve only spent $150 on this year. When I say investment I mean one’s entertainment budget, as I always look at it as an investment in keep me sane.

By far this year’s investment has been in all the extras, that's paint , brushes, tools and building materials, along with purchases of board games.

Last year board games starting to make it into regular play, but this year they have really ramped up. A lot of that is due to having gotten my wife into playing board games with me, so I play a lot of games during the week with her rather than vegetating in front of the TV. King of Tokyo taken the top spot in  board games very quickly, thanks to its fast game play and awesome theme.