30 July 2013

Getting my Fix

I’ve well and truly got my fix of gaming over last week, even with the longs hours at work. I got in five games of Net Runner over last week, along with a couple of hours basing and base coating my Russians for Flames of War. Then 4 games of King of Tokyo on Sunday night and a an epic battle of FOG during Sunday. Cant believe it’s Tuesday already already. I need another weekend to recover.

Chris and I played a 600 point FOG game. First game in a long time and the rules were rather rusty as hell, but started to come back quickly. My Egyptian tactics are starting to work, or more to the point I’ve finally started to learn how to use them. Chris was running his Spanish Sertorius, and had quite a bit of bad dice luck at the beginning, which gave me the lead and the ability to out flank him. In fact i got in two intercept flank charges with my Light Chariots (pretty sure that's the first time I have ever managed to intercept with the Chariots). But he managed to grind me down over turns as his heavy foot finally caught up to my Medium foot bowmen. “Splat” . So it came down to some equal match ups and dice rolling in the last turn. I came out on top by 1 point. It was one of the closest games I’ve had of FOG. 

022 023

I really must get around to finishing off all my Chariots, ….one day soon I hope.

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