23 July 2013

The Evil plan has sprouted wings


Now that I have completely corrupt my wife into playing board games my evil plan has sprouted wings and taken off. I’ve started to expand this idea of board games into more complex games. So for her birthday I bought her a few girlie things for her of course, but also got us a couple of Living Card games, both from Fantasy Flight.  NetRunner and Call of Cthulhu. Got them on sale, so I got them for a really good price.

image image

So far we have just been playing Net Runner. (I’ve won 1 out of 4 games so far), Safe to say I’ve been getting my butt kicked. I’ve been playing the Runner and she has been playing the Corporation just until we get the rule down pat. It’s been a surprisingly fun game. The rules are a bit get get your head around and they aren't that well explained in the rule book.  If you can get past the jargon its a great little game. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other Runners in the base game. The best part is my wife is really enjoying playing it.