01 July 2013

Strategy or War and X-Wing

I tried out a new Kick Starter card game yesterday, which Phil had purchased. 
Strategy or War. Took me to well past half way through the game to really get the gist of it. Each one of the 5 card decks is completely different and plays completely different. It has a few strange mechanics that I didn't think much of, and were a little odd. Or maybe it was just the way they represented them.  I only played one game, but the deck I used seemed to be very limited to one actual strategy against Phil's deck he was using. By the time I had actually worked it out it was too later, and I lost the game. I probably need to play a few more games

We then got into some X-Wing, and I finally broke out Slave One after having it since it got released. My first game against Phil was an epic slog fest, with two critical pilot hits on my best fighters making them flying Muppets. It turned into who was luckiest with the dice. Which turned out to be me for once, with the last man standing a lonely Tie fighter and everything else destroyed.

My Second game against Mark, was completely different, second turn Slave One was destroyed by Super Dave. ...(I mean Wedge) ..LOL... and his concussion missiles. Two critical hits which turned into two direct hits ... ouch.

 But my dice rolling was awesome and the Tie Interceptors were rocking out the pain, so Super Dave didn't have a chance and I won that game as well.
I definitely need to play more X-wing, especially if I can actually win the odd game or two.