21 July 2013

Russian Madness

Yes, I’ve finally caved in and started an army for Flames of War. Got the books and enough to get me well and truly started. So today was my first game running my Russians, and my first game of FOW by myself. (I’ve played a few team games) Since I haven't had time to read any of the rules, it was a very fast and step learning curve of madness and destruction as Will shredded my forces.

Flames-of-War---Russians-005 Flames-of-War---Russians-006 Flames-of-War---Russians-007 Flames-of-War---Russians-008 Flames-of-War---Russians-009 Flames-of-War---Russians-010 Flames-of-War---Russians-011 Flames-of-War---Russians-012 Flames-of-War---Russians-013 Flames-of-War---Russians-014 

I’m thinking of changing me name to “Full Stop” , you know that dot that appears on six sided dice that looks like a “Full Stop”. I kept rolling it today, rather a lot. I’d roll it, and all my cool looking little tanks would come to a permanent full stop for the rest of the game. 

There’s nothing like learning buy losing, I know cos I’m really good at it. Anyway it was still good fun, and I’ve got lots to learn and got some new toys to paint.

While I was playing Flames, the guys rocked out a few games of Dreadball as well. Looking forward to getting my fully painted team out for some more games.