14 December 2013

Games and Planes

Today was the last club day of the year, and what a cracking day it was, both the gaming and the weather. With only a few of us able to make it this month it was pretty quite. Mike and Jason played out a game of FOG (I didn't catch how that ended) and I rolled out my Vikings against Kevin with his Celts. I could only make it for the morning as I had planned to go out and watch Lee's Harvard flight.

So at another 600 point game, I just went with what I used last week, 2 Battle groups of Huscarls and 6 Battle groups of Freemen. It was very much out numbered but in most cases was better equipped for the melee. Without to much detail, It was a similar game to last week. Kevin managed to get around the side of my battle line and outflank me, but not before I had destroyed several of his battle groups. It literally came down to one dice roll. Either Kevin makes his morale check and then starts his turn by taking my camp and winning the game on points, or he fails it and I win on point..... Kevin fails the morale check and the Vikings win. So another blood thirsty battle right down to the wire. The best kind of gaming in my opinion.

The after lunch I headed out to Ardmore to shoot Lee going for a flight in the Harvard. The weather behaved and put on a great day, with lots of nice clouds about and blue blue sky.

 I played around with my camera remote and a tiny tripod I got for Christmas a few years back, placing the camera right on the side of the taxi way as the Harvard taxied out and back in again. It worked a teat.


Somehow I think Lee enjoyed himself.

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