31 December 2013

Last post of 2013

Well what a year it has been, family,  friends and fun all round. So many great memories and several great trips, along with quite a few epic losses on the gaming table, as well as a couple of Epic wins.

With out a dought the most memorable  thing of 2013 has to be seeing the Komodo dragons in the wild. The largest venomous creature in the world. I’m a luck man, in that I get to cross the #1 thing on my bucket list off. (I've got the best wife ever)

Seeing the Komodo dragons in the wild …. freaking awesome.

Here’s two of my favourite wildlife photos of the year, a 2 meter long Komodo Dragon eating a grub or something. I was on the ground eye level with it and about 4 meters away from it when I took this photo…..  living dinosaur for sure.Komodo Dragon - Rinca Island - eating bugs 

Then there is this Brahminy Kite fishing beside the boat on our way to Komodo Island.Brahminy Kite hunting on the sea near komodo Island

Then of course there were several great photo trips with the lads, all of which produced some great photos and great times. The WWI planes we watched at Omaka were just mind boggling. This shot from Omaka is one of my favourites.


Gaming wise the board games made a huge appearance, especially at home with my wife, who is now a convert to board games. blar, blar , blar …

So time to empty that bottle of scotch and watch 2013 disappear into history.

Happy New Year

May the Dice God’s favour you all.

Except when playing me :-)