01 December 2013

Stompy Stompy

As per usual I headed over to Mark’s for some gaming today. I took my RC tank to have a bit of a play with. I’m definitely going to have to get another one, and upgrade them to the infrared battle system. (When the budget allows of course) 
First game up was a 300 point Infinity game, using the YAMS system for objectives. Phil and I changed the allocation of them to make things a bit more interesting. Instead of drawing six and discarding two, so you start with knowing your four objectives.

We draw three to start with and discard one, then on turn three, we draw another 3 and discard one. So you have two objectives to concentrate on for the first 2 turns before the next two objectives (basically thinking of it as you get assigned more objectives from HQ during the mission). The only other addition rule was that you couldn't fulfil an objective you get in turn 3 before you actually get the objective. Oh yeah, and if you cant meet one of the object cards you draw because it’s impossible, just draw another card.

I ran an old Combined Army list I had printed up, that just happened to be in my game bag. I choose it simply because it had the Cascuda in it and I want to use him. So my list was
First Group
Aswange  Lieutenant – Adhesive Launcher
Iskaller  - Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun
Speculo Killer
2x Seed Soldiers
Second Group
2x Preta
2x Gaki
So here’s a rough run down of the game. Phil was using his ALEPH. I ended up with first deployment and first turn, keeping the Cascuda and Iskaller off the table to use there combat jump ability later on in the turn to go for two objectives. The first beginning search an unconscious/dead enemy for documents, followed by placing a beacon in the enemies deployment zone 10’ or less from a corner.

First I ran my Preta’s and Gaki’s up the left flank to cause some chaos (think I killed a couple of models and lost one Preta). I then walked the Cascuda on, right up by Phils deployment zone on the right flank. Simple plan… kill everything in site that could shoot back, which was only one model as it turned out, achieved that then moved in and scored my first objective by searching the body.

Phil then moved up and killed some more of my Gaki and Preta’s in a shootout on the left flank. He then proceed to kill my Cascuda with a damn combi rifle after I failed a bunch of saves really badly. Thankfully the heavy flamer of the Cascuda managed to kill his model as well. (cant recall what it was).

A bunch more shenanigans happened over the next turns as Phil killed off my remaining Gaki’s. I then walked on the Iskaller onto the board in the same place as my Cascuda did and he then proceed to slaughter the other two models that were there, a Netrod and some small harmless bot. I then placed the beacon  and setup the Iskaller up for defence of the beacon.

Turn thee and I get a mixed bag of objectives, one simple one and a choice of two hard ones. I opt for the easy one of course, which was sabotage a terrain piece and the second much hard one of “Hold” which is not be in retreat at the end of the game. (at that point I need to keep all my models on the board alive.)

So my turn three is all about getting the sabotage done and scoring my third objective, and what I hope is good placement of my models to make Phil think twice about coming to close. Thankfully Phil goes for his objectives and scores one of them. My fourth turn I get all my guys as far away and well hidden as possible. Which turned out to be just far enough to stay alive as Phil runs one of his models into my DZ to score another one of his objectives.

So I actually win 4/2 on objectives, think that's my first win against Phil using the Combined Army.

After lunch I played Will at Malifuax, and tried out the Pandora starter box, using proxies as I’m thinking of getting the starter box to expand my Neverborn crew. So with Will also using proxies as his gang hasn't shipped from Wayland yet. The photos are not what they seem.

Talk about mess with your mind, as a last minute decision, it wasn't a good one. Read the cards once, pop the models on the table and start playing. It messed with the brain a little as I tried to figure out the best way to use them and combine the abilities.

The play style is quite different from the Guild gang I’ve been playing, but still fun. So I’m definitely going to have to do some reading and searching on how to use them more effectively. Safe to say Will pretty well stomped me. He was using Seamus and kept bring back corpses. (a rather annoying ability)

 Looking forward to playing more Malifaux, I really like the cheating fate mechanic.

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