05 December 2013

Yet another Christmas Project

I decided that I didn't have enough projects on the go all at once and so started another one. Yep, what the hell it's Christmas, so I finally dusted of the garage kit I bought last year or maybe the year before...it's been awhile, So out comes the Lineage Dark Elf.

First up was to finish cleaning the parts and start fitting them using sand paper, needle files and my dremel. Found that my air brushing of the Tiger tank had really dealt to my filters in my mask. Amazing amount of crap on the filters, it always surprises me when I change them out just how much stuff they filter out, from dust and paint particles to resin dust.
Better on the filters than in my lungs.


So this is what she is meant to end up looking like, so I've got a long way to go. Not sure if I'll just try and replicate the same paint scheme or try something different.


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