10 December 2013

The usual slaughter

On Sunday we had another clammy hot and humid, raining and sunny day in Auckland as we headed to Marks for the usual slaughter. With Christmas closing fast and Battlecry tournament coming up in February. I wanted to roll out a few games of Field of Glory and get back into the swing and also figure out if I really wanted to take my New Kingdom Egyptians to the tournament or just stick to my trusty beat stick of Vikings.

The tournament is moving down to a 600 point games and being played on a 5x3 table to help speed up play and get in a few more games. I expected the smaller table size to destroy any possibility of using my Egyptians to any success as they need the space to manoeuvre all those Light Chariots that they have. So I through them at Phil's Spartans. And yes as expected it was a slaughter, with the table size so much smaller and small changes in the 2.0 rules set. The shoot and evade tactics of the Egyptians was broken from the start as I had no where to retreat to. I just didn't have the space or time to soften up the Spartan’s before they got to me. I did however make Phil work for it, as we managed to get ourselves into some interesting situations and needed to consult the rules a few times. Even with being rusty on the rules we managed to get through the game in about 2.5 hours.

Phil's Spartans are coming along nicely, but he's still got a long way to go to finishing them, that said my Egyptians have alot more work to go as well. (one of the many projects on the go)

So it will be the Vikings at the Tournament again next year.

So for the second game the Gippo’s went back in there box and the mighty Viking horde strode back onto the table to square off against the Spartan’s. This was a much closer match up, with both armies being so similar. The game started up pretty even and we smashed into each other in the middle of the table. My right flank started off really well with the Huscarls dealing out the pain…. until they ran into some light foot, yep, light foot. who had been caught by one of my Freemen battle groups breaking through. They managed to stand there ground for about 4 turns. (stupidly bad rolling on my part). The middle of my line failed badly as Phil broken through slaughtering two of my Freeman battle groups and proceeded to head straight for my camp. The rest of the centre had an epic slugfest that lasted right to the end of the game with me managing to finally take the win, by the skin of my teeth as one of my Freeman battle groups managed to score the final point right before Phil would have sacked my camp for the win. So an extremely close game.

Also got more work done on my Dark Elf kit last night. I was surprised how much the tiny little bubble holes in the model showed up when I air brushed on the skin colour (The ones I had missed filling). I also learnt that my sanding needs more attention, as I have a few lines showing where I had done some filling. (Bugger!!) Though about sanding it back and starting again, but they aren't that bad when you look at the whole model, and being my fist go at this type of modelling I’ve decided to leave it, and work improving my mistakes on the next model.