10 May 2014

Back Seat Blogging

Yes, blogging has taken a back seat for awhile, as life gets in the way. The usual work, family and general “my brain is fried and overloaded” feeling. But beyond that I’ve just hit 15 years at work, that is 15 years working for the same company. So along with that comes my birthday, so it’s been an awesome.

Today was the South Auckland Club day. With the guys finally getting around to pulling out there Dust Warfare stuff they got back at Battle cry in February. So we rocked out there first games. Now since I've been so busy, and haven't played for such a long time, I was rusty as hell on the rules.

Since I have quite a lot of the SSU force, I made up a couple of lists one of which Phil used and I used the other. I also managed to pickup the new cards put out by Battlefront this week, which I must say are very usable. The only down side with the pack, it doesn't come with enough copies of the base SSU troops .. (in my opinion .. but then it’s only $13 so you cant really complain to much)

I took on Glen and Cavan as they teamed up and we ran through a game, keeping it pretty straight forward as they also borrowed an Axis army from Arthur. End result was the Axis took the win, with some great rolling. We skipped over a bunch of the exrta advanced rules as I had forgotten some of them along with not really knowing the Axis extra bits very well. A fun game and good to get into the swing of the rule set again. Looking forward to a couple of games at next months Club meet.

Dust WarfareDust Warfare

Dust WarfareDust Warfare

Dust Warfare

I fielded the Steel Guard for the first time…. think I’m going to filed them quite abit.

After lunch Arthur busted out his Star Trek Attach wing, having acquired everything released so far he setup a 4 player game with 100 points each. This worked out at 3 ships per person. I just sat in and watched as a four way game unfolded with Cavan dealing out some spectacular damage in his first go. Which made him a marked man from that point on.

Star Trek Attack WingStar Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek Attack WingStar Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek Attack WingStar Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek Attack Wing

On the miniature side of things, I managed to pickup two starter boxes for Dropzone Commander really cheaply. So I’ve caved in and got another miniature game. But I managed to stick out 4 months of the year …. LOL… ( I’m so weak when it comes to new toys) I got them at 1/4 the price, and since Phil already has some miniatures, I couldn't pass that up. So in a few months I’ll give this a go.
image image
So I’ve now got the “Shaltari” and “Scourge” starter forces. Looks like a bit of fun will be had with painting them.

I have managed to get in a few games of Super Dungeon Explore with my wife, which was a lot of fun, a very cool game, but I now have so much to paint… so little time …